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Canon 7D Mark II : Specifications and Opinions

Canon 7D Mark II, front

Canon 7D Mark II, back

Canon 7D Mark II, top

The Canon 7D Mark II is a reflex camera with APS-C (1.6x) sensor and 20.2 megapixels manufactured from 2014. The range of sensitivities, including ISO extension, is 100 - 51200 ISO and it has a continuous shooting (burst mode) of 10 FPS x 31 RAW, 130 JPEG. The average price, when it has been added to the JuzaPhoto database, is 1323 €;
255 users have given it an average vote of 9.3 out of 10

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 Format   APS-C, 22.3 x 15 mm (image ratio 3:2, crop factor 1.6x in comparison with FF)
 Resolution   20.2 megapixel
 ISO sensitivities   100 - 51200
 File formats   JPEG, RAW, mRAW, sRAW

 Shutter speeds   30" - 1/8000
 Exp. compensation   +/- 5 stops at 1/3 steps
 Exp. modes   M, S, A, P, Scena
 Metering modes   Multi-Area, Semi-Spot, Spot

 Mount   Canon EF, Canon EF-S (click here to view al compatible lenses)
 Stabilization   No
 Autofocus (AF areas)   65
 Continuos shooting (with autofocus)   10 FPS x 31 RAW, 130 JPEG
 Continuos shooting (without autofocus)   10 FPS x 31 RAW, 130 JPEG
 Live View   Yes
 MLU/SS   Yes, Silent Shooting and Mirror Lock Up
 Dust reduction   Yes
 Video mode   1920x1080p @ 60 FPS
 WiFi   No
 GPS   Yes
 USB   micro-USB (USB 3.0)
 USB Charging   No

 Built and notes
 Touchscreen   No
 LCD   3.0", 720 x 480 pixels, fixed
 Viewfinder   Optical, coverage 100%, 1.00x
 Flash   Yes, guide number 13 meters
 Storage   SD, SDHC, SDXC (UHS-I)
 Storage, Slot 2   CF
 Shutter   Mechanical
 Battery   Li-Ion (Canon LP-E6N, capacity 13.42 Wh)
 Weather sealing   Yes
 Weight   910 g
 Dimensions   149 x 112 x 78 mm
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sent on July 30, 2016

Pros: Fast af , crop, gps, two carts. Image quality

Cons: Weight, wifi

Opinion: This camera has a great learning curve the af section is very adjustubel but when you know your camera you got great results. 7d mark II is a camera designed for sports or nature photography. The autofocus module is excellent, responsive and highly customizable for different shooting conditions, but it is essential be studied well the manual dedicated to exploit their full potential. The body keeps the autofocus until f8 at the midpoint foam (cross) and this is a good opportunity for more. Reduced shutter lag and gusts up to 10 shots per second give the 7d mark II unmistakably sporty character, as well as very useful (especially for those without super tele in kit) is the crop in the room due to the format aps-c. Just sensor aps-c is the component that most characterizes this camera, from benefit (by multiplying the focal length of the lens) to the limit if you decide to shoot in low light and with very high sensitivity ISO. Also very usabel for macro and landscape. Also gps is nice specely on vacations so you cane see where you have been.

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sent on April 18, 2020

Pros: Pro body, burst, AF, customization possibilities and very wide settings,great LV with dual pixel

Cons: Battery life a little poor, image quality at high ISO

Opinion: I've been sifting through this reflex from top to bottom over the last few months, at body/grip level it's really great, nothing even see with the series 6, which I own. The menus are very complete and relatively simple, you can customize pretty much everything to your liking, both in terms of functions and keys. The AF on moving subjects is good, great, maybe not mind-blowing nowadays with some ML doing better, but at other prices. I had a couple of chances to test it relatively on Motocross and drift cars, trackside, so AF difficulties at high levels and performed very well. Of course you have to learn a little to use it and to "help" it in complicated situations, you can not expect that photographing "ad cazzum" you get excellent results. I noticed that, under specific conditions, it is very very important to find the right CASE of the AF to have good results. If you sect it all well, it's a great satisfaction. The gust is really extreme, in some cases even excessive if set to the maximum (10 fps), but you can rest easy, the menu gives you the ability to set the fps to your liking both on H(fast) burst, on normal burst and even on silent burst, so you can set 3 different values and quickly choose what you need at the moment without switching from the menus all the time. The blackout in the 10fps burst is not bad, you manage well to follow the subject, even better if you set the burst around 8fps. At the level of image quality I am satisfied in half, as far as colors is really good but as detail and sharpness image in general with long focals is fine, but I noticed that shooting at times of about 1/80 or 1/100 with a 50mm you often get micromosse images, it resolves easily raising the times to at least three times the focal. I think it's because of the vibrations in the mirror. This problem decreases as the focal lengths increase, so with a 200mm you don't need to shoot at 1/600 but just 1/400, which is twice the focal point, as on every aps-c. As for noise, I think it's good until 3200 ISO, 6400 ISO depends on light conditions, but they start to be a bit problematic. I l sight... a joy! Apart from the fact that at a 100% coverage and it is 1x, that the points of AF are pop-up and you can set whether to display them all or only those in use, if after you have made the af make them disappear or make them remain active, if you make them light up red etc etc in the crosshairs you can set a lot of functions, for example the level, miscellaneous alerts, display the mode in which you are shooting, display if we are in One Shot or Ai-servo, if you have active burst or single shot etc etc The Live View is a strong point of this machine, has a very good AF that recognizes the faces and follows them, it is almost as fast as the focus in the focus mode. The click noise is discreet, not too loud, if you set the silent shot becomes very very quiet, even if the blackout in both single shot and silent burst increases a lot and to me from a little bother especially in the burst. Overall I find it a great reflex with regard to the side of use experience (grip, feeling, customizations, viewfinder etc),as image quality still remains an APS-C, although high level, so it will not have that cleaning and image engraving that have the FF. I also own a 6D and I think that the two machines are completely complementary, indeed, I highly recommend this pairing, so you can have two bodies, one oriented more dynamic jerky, with factor of crop 1.6x and powerful burst and the other more for static shots but with more image quality and with definitely higher iso tightness.

sent on April 01, 2020

Pros: Solid body, fast and quick af an entire dedicated menu.

Cons: The af system, holding high iso, battery life

Opinion: I have been waiting for the purchase of this machine since the first edition, now that I have it in my hands.... I am satisfied with this machine body. Arriving on 26 March 2020 I did some tests from the balcony and in the garden, with 300 f4, 50 f1.4, 70-200 f2.8 is and 24-105 f4 with related ext 2x and 1.4x. Let's start by saying that it is a machine born for the action and the menu entirely dedicated is proof of this. Perhaps a little too sophisticated but effective, to study and understand better. Fast burst with state-of-the-art cf. Very solid body that grips at its best. Unfortunately it lacks wifi but with dedicated card it solves the problem at the expense of the second slot sd. Coming from 60d, 80d and 6dmk2 I find uncomfortable the buttons on the left and the joystick that in the end is always accompanied by the use of the main dial, even the lack of touch and orientable screen is felt. But I think it's because the machine is semi-pro and entirely tropicalized. The files are light and very detailed, but if you want to croppare better do not use high iso. As already reported in other users the battery lasts little, I think it is due to the fact of the two processors and the fast burst.

sent on January 24, 2020

Pros: Construction, ergonomics speed AF, born for speed

Cons: In the same place my suffering at high ISO,and the battery drains quickly, but the problem is solved with a spare or possibly a battery grip

Opinion: What to say, coming from a 550D the jump is great, professional machine, at first impact can scare the myriad of possible AF settings, but once set properly gives great emotions! Impressive AF speed, in AI SERVO with 65 active points is really scary. Very convenient the ability to customize the keys to your liking.

sent on January 21, 2020

Pros: Very fast machine as af and for yield ...... fantastic by nature and spirt

Cons: Nobody..... just to find the hair in the egg to have to have to have to have to remove the sd

Opinion: It's a fantastic car much better than the already great 7d I've had before. In order I preferred it to the 5 series of which I had the whole range. It certainly depends on the type of photos that You do mainly shoot for sport and nature and for the routine sold eos 5 I used the Gx and now larp plus a supercompact. Going back to the 7dmk2 I appreciate the speed of shooting the excellent autofocus and the ability to use high-quality optics. Of course the exhibit is not that of the Nikons.... how to use it in fact there is not only automation. Great machine

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