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Nikon D850 : Specifications and Opinions


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sent on March 18, 2020

Pros: everything, nothing excluded

Cons: Nothing

Opinion: Maybe there's something negative, but I didn't find it. It was the SLR I was waiting for. Every time I take a shot that I like I tell myself ... that's why I bought it! Crosshairs: Incredible; autofocus: a bomb; resolution: indescribable; perfect balance; touchscreen: excellent. The latter, with the rotating screen allows you to make shots that would otherwise be impossible. Absolutely ergonomic and the image quality is definitely superior to what I've been through on my hands to date. Quoto Luca Guido: it's the ultimate reflex (for now)

sent on March 18, 2020

Pros: Balanced body, fantastic viewfinder, resolution,autofocus

Cons: For now nothing, maybe I still have to get used to the touch screen

Opinion: Camera purchased 3 weeks ago, to accompany the always valid d750. I still have a few shots, so I do not know the medium very well, but the first impressions are OTTIME!! ... I can only praise its ergonomics and balanced body (even if it weighs. but we already knew). Absolutely fantastic sight paired with an af of absolute precision. The great quality of the image immediately stands out, undoubtedly superior to the already excellent d750. I have level optics for here I can appreciate the superb image quality. I tried out of curiosity the jpeg, very well made, saturated perhaps with a little too sharpen for my taste... Against.. maybe so far I have to get used to the touchscreen, all too responsive...

sent on January 16, 2020

Pros: The Ultimate Reflex in Everything: A Very High-Resolution Sniper

Cons: being a reflex, the fb focus accordingly and the now shortage of new generation lenses, tropicalization (Marc Adamus killed one without too much difficulty after years of D800, so something in the construction has changed from before)

Opinion: Once, used, resold: a beautiful machine, definitive, but when I put it in the backpack with a 15-30 and a 100-400 I regretted the choice: very heavy, very cumbersome, defects that you know at the time of purchase (and in fact the mistake is mine, not the machine), and that either you are willing to accept, or they become a really big obstacle. For the rest, the machine is a sniper if the lenses are calibrated properly: the aforementioned tamron 15-30 g1 made me sacrament and not little for the fb focus, intrinsic defect of dslr technology and emphasized with the mega-resolutions of these beasts: until 2015 no one knew what it was in fact... Returning to the machine, being a reflex is a disadvantage even from the point of view of the optical park: Nikon has not released a landscape lens for years now, and it is rather worrying as an attitude, a factor to take into account if you want to invest in a long-term project. Is weight a problem? Not in the absolute sense, it is not the half kg of body that makes you prefer one machine or the other, but it is the weight of the system the problem: the lenses from ML are on average all lighter than a 20/30%, and if you want to make a pro kit, the grams become kg. Would I take it back? yes, but more for the sake of nostalgic memories, for the wielding of a reflex, the last real reflex, than for a real investment. Is it valid? Absolutely, but the bayonet Nikon F will have short, undeniable life. How are the files? the beautiful nikon files, where you can recover even a black shot, 46mpx, corrected of the defects of the ancestor generation (d800). It's a vitaminized d810 and made definitive

sent on December 31, 2019

Pros: Perfect and sturdy body, outstanding high iso ,46mpx!!

Cons: Maybe lack flash but with this machine is not needed in my opinion!!

Opinion: Exceptional body ,really fantastic this d850 then using touch screen is cool not to mention high crazy iso ,in front of a reflex like this not mirrorless that holds because it is a perfect body for all kinds of photos!! I gave inside the old d800e and I thought I was wrong but I assure you that the d850 surpasses it on all points of view!! Great nikon!!

sent on December 08, 2019

Pros: All

Cons: various accessories,pro lenses,performing computer.

Opinion: bought at the end of July to replace the d500,I was impressed by the quality of the images, low iso churns out files that the d500 you dream of, the autofocus is the same as the d5 and d500 very performance-efficient,holds the iso discreetly, has an excellent balance of white and a excellent viewfinder.in my humble opinion I find it almost perfect no I can find a flaw except accessories to buy apart that cost a crazy, I explain better: if we want to bring maximum performance in terms of speed 9 fps you have to buy battery grip en-el18,battery en-el18 battery charge card xqd,the all original costs almost as much as half body machine.from the best of itself with professional lenses and needs in post production a performing computer given the heaviness of the files especially if you shoots in raw, each file weighs almost 120 mb.in summary the advice great for me the d850 is extraordinary apart from the problems mentioned above.

sent on July 10, 2019

Pros: Excellent ergonomics in use with any type of lens, especially long ones, where a decent grip is mandatory and due. Maximum expression reflex of these years, I do not think you have to ask for anything else, it has just everything that it takes to take photographs. What Interests me. Excellent balance of white, improved a lot compared to the old pixels of the Nikon house, and finally orientable screen, which given the landscape vocation of the medium was required loudly, although in my opinion, it lightens a little the room structure making it a somewhat fragile point. In-room Focus Stacking, really interesting feature for landscape and macro, does everything on its own and you can set up to 200 consecutive and interspersed shots of how many seconds you prefer, as long as you use compatible AF-S or motorized lenses. Goodbye then macro slide for macro photographers. Well-cushioned shot of the pentamirror finally after two veraion of pixelated rooms, this does not give some sort of problems, really something welcome and strongly wanted on this type of cameras.

Cons: I can say that its Battery Grip and dedicated battery, if you want to reach 9fps, cost a lot, if we also add the original charger for the EN-EL4B/C, you really have to wonder if it's worth it. It certainly applies to those who have important and expensive kits of mirror lenses, and for those people who think they will stay with reflex for a long time to come. I myself love pentaprism vision and abhor the ML screen vision, which is unnatural and still contrived. It forces you to purchase XQD cards if you need a consistent burst, a sore note given the cost of them and the lack of availability on the market. With the new firmware, however, the use of cfexpress is available, which should be released at the end of 2019/early 2020, since it is also thought that the new ML machine bodies will be updated with this standard. Yield high iso slightly lower than the old D810. Many mpx on a CMOS are made to feel, although BSI, technology now at the pole and not easily improved in the future given the total exploitation of potential of this type of sensor. I shoot much louder than the old D810, also in Quiet function, a feature to be taken into account when buying.

Opinion: The use for a year now, combined with the D500 which has more accentuated/effective bursts and AF, which I use for BIF, is a machine that returns files really rich in detail, especially if used at low iso, for landscape and study. I bought it for semistatic birdlife, and I would say that even in that area it behaves very well, it has many mpx, but it is also quite fast, something in which the D810 I had before was lacking. Setting AF and layout identical to D5/D500, when I switch from aps to this, and when I use telephoto lenses, I find myself perfectly in the feeling of use, having at hand all the settings that are totally customizable as on the flagship, except a little bit, which of course the D5 has in addition. After having almost all the DX nikons and many FX (not flagships, however), I would like to say that it is the best machine I have had in my possession since I started with photography. In fact, it has condensed all the peculiarities of specialized rooms such as landscaping/sports allowing an allround use really with extreme satisfaction, I think one of the last reflex (it will pass in full to ML in the next decade-I think) built with the sacred crims. If you are in Nikon, it is worth honoring to photograph with such a medium that it returns satisfaction whenever you make a photo output with the intention of expressing something with photography. It is certainly not a sollazzo machine given the grandeur and the quality of construction/heaviness. If you like well-built, solid objects that are made to last and do few things, and well, buy it. You won't be disappointed.

sent on March 10, 2019

Pros: Too long the list.

Cons: I don't see it at the moment, except maybe the weight, but not that much.

Opinion: I come from a D750, excellent machine, still after several years from its exit, and expectations with the transition to 850 were many, and at the time, were all respected. I think it is the best DSLR in the trade and the camera body, where the Nikon has really invested and brought relevant news. The white balance really amazed me, as well as the definition, the details, the sharpness. In The shooting phase, you can see the difference with the 750, but we have to consider when it is gone and despite everything continues very well to do its job, so that I will keep it as a second body. Of course you need optics minimum 2.8 and stabilized otherwise are pains and the blur remains lurking, but at the time I had no problems of any kind, and the autofocus is really exceptional. The things to say would still be many, but those who preceded me was better than me, what I mean is that this machine must be tried and used, only then you will appreciate the ability and goodness. I do a duty update, I used the machine in the studio with model, using fixed targets such as the 50mm sigma 1.4 art. and the Tamron 24-70 2.8 and the results, are from "licking their ears", photos, taken in raw, I would say that they only need a minimum of post, incredible, for the rest, sharpness, dynamic range, white balance and autofocus impeccable, the top really, This confirms what was previously stated.

sent on November 25, 2018

Pros: 46 megapixel sensor, quality and high resolution images, versatility of use in FF and DX without compromises, same AF module of the flagship D5, burst RAW up to 9 fps, good value/performance/price

Cons: SD card slot little useful for photographic use, required last-generation pro lenses, burst at 9fps only with battery grip, buffer just enough

Opinion: As a NPS photographer I used all the Nikon Pro FF SLR cameras (from D3 to D4/D5) and DX (D300s, D500) and D8XX series (D810 and D850). After seven months of intense use of D850 with about 80,000 shots I can say that the D850 currently is the top FF SLR produced by Nikon and the best "handyman" SLR on the market. Two bodies in one, a 46 megapixel FF for high quality shots for large prints and crop pushed, a 20 megapixel DX to have a crop of 1.5 x directly in the car (basically it's like having a D500 inside). In this way in every situation we can choose the most suitable mode. I had for a year a D500 and I must say that the D850 in DX mode returns images of the same or higher level. The 46 megapixels of the sensor produce spectacular images with the most detail. This allows a crop in post production of more than 50% without loss of detail. Autofocus very fast and accurate and together with the new Expeed 5 processor is able to manager huge workflows without noticing anything during shooting. To have all this, however, we need to make compromises. With the D850, forget to have the simplicity of using a D5. The D850 need experience and you need to know how to choose the right optics otherwise you are likely to have poor results. I tried it with old-generation pro lenses and the results are pretty disappointing. It is perfect instead and from the best of SE with the latest generation of professional optics. For those who want to use it for wildlife photography The burst at 7fps is just enough and you need to reach the 9fps that you only have by purchasing the battery grip MB-D18 along with the battery EN-EL18 and the BL-5 connection all with an expense that gets to touch the €750. There are also commercially compatible battery grips from €100 but personally I bought one but the quality of the plastic and the attack very poor, much better than the original Nikon albeit at a cost of €400. The autofocus is very fast and precise much higher than the D4 and D810, at par with the D500 but not comparable to that of the D5 although the D850 shares the same AF module. ISO speech... improved a lot compared to the D8XX series but with 46 megapixels you can not ask to have the same sound result of a D5 view also the absence of the anti-aliasing filter. The D850 produces uncompressed RAW files that come to weigh 100 mega, it is almost mandatory to use the compressed mode "without-loss-data" even if the latter weigh 40-50 mega. A problem that is easily exceeded with PC of at least 4-8 gig of RAM and updating the software Nikon Capture NX. For the amount of work and the heaviness of the RAW the SD slot for photographic purposes is not useful (except using JPEG or for backing up an XQD card), with the XQD the D850 is lightning although this support is still very expensive on the market. In conclusion the D850 is an innovative professional camera and represents a world to itself, allows you to do everything in any kind of photographic. If someone asks the question: better the D850 or the D5? There is no answer, they are two different machines but the D850 allows you to do everything albeit with some compromise in contrast to the D5 that although it is the top of the line doubles and is limited to only 20 megapixels. I personally work with two D850 bodies instead of the D5 and D500 and I am fully satisfied.

sent on November 22, 2018

Pros: Sensor, viewfinder, XQD

Cons: The SD card

Opinion: After having owned and used virtually all Nikon FX (D5 excluded) I can certainly say that the 850 is the Summa of the know how of the Japanese company. Galactic viewfinder if observed smoothly, if we then add the DK-17m takes you to paradise! Spectacular sensor, allows unthinkable recoverables on the raw and gives a sharpness that I thought impossible, if you use it with the optics that deserves to understand what I'm talking about. AF improved a lot and then there are a lot of features that I don't use, but that tell me to be trendy... I forgot, well did nikon to equip it with slots for the exceptional XQD, with the 2933x the car takes the flight, take off, and I'm not exaggerating. In fact, they could put two XQD slots and avoid the SD, old junk that has now made its course. And to those who object that the XQD cost'm opposing counsel that the 850 is certainly not cheap and that, if you want to give meaning to the money pulled out for purchase, you have to spend on appropriate cards and optics. Otherwise better a used 610, and go to the sail...

sent on November 05, 2018

Pros: Sensor, ergonomics, focus peacking, focus stacking, dynamic range with ISO bass, stratospheric viewfinder, tilting display, tropicalization, almost perfect AF,

Cons: I megapixel sometimes are a problem if the lenses are not top and high ISO a bit too messed up, maybe maybe the weight but I do not think is a real problem

Opinion: After an exact year of purchase I review the best reflex ever created, has everything you want, addictive. The new functions help a lot in the use and the realization of the images. Flanked by the d500 are a couple with which you can face any situation, I would have preferred a minor pastiness at high ISO but you can not have everything for me to today the best machine on the market.

sent on October 06, 2018

Pros: A reflex that does not fear any light condition

Cons: Sometimes all those mpx's for such a small sensor can create side effects, especially with non-security shutter speeds.

Opinion: A d810 improved and with digital noise content at high ISO despite the large amount of pixels. Excellent in all conditions of light, weight but all in all comparable to all other cameras in the same segment. Excellent features on Timelapse's camera and focus stacking and the countless customization functions that make the work fluid and well organized.

sent on September 08, 2018

Pros: viewfinder, speed, sensor, Focus staking

Cons: Battery life in LV

Opinion: Incredible machine, I come from D800 and D810 and the new D850 is another planet. The viewfinder is exceptional, to be lost inside.... The sensor is amazing and works fine up to 6400 ISO, also having a D750 I can say that there are no big differences at high ISO despite double pixel. Focus staking fabulous both x macro but also x landscape. The only flaw in my opinion is the battery life in LV, which also associated with the Snapbridge functions decreases the duration in a sensible way. I added the BG x obviate this problem x the rest a masterpiece of machine.

sent on August 30, 2018

Pros: Everything already written by other users

Cons: Weight

Opinion: After almost 3 years of adored D750 (in my opinion today still the top in value for money) The monkey pushed me to the D850. I do not repeat things already written by other users on Pros and cons (which I share altogether), I recommend only to those who have a D750 to try the 850 before taking it, because we are right on another planet, in all termini...se build quality and rendition of the photos are Indisputable and the maximum that we can have, equally can be said for the weight that, in combination for example to a 105 1.4, makes the whole (for example the exit of a day) quite challenging (at least for my fragile pudgy: O)). Rating 9 (for weight) because the 10 I hope to give it to a mirrorless Nikon "mature".

sent on August 28, 2018

Pros: Button dislocation (in the right place at the right time) beyond the Illuminati, touch screen and extractable, machinability of Raw, speed MAF, continuous shooting that makes pale an assault rifle, sensor ' ' stolen ' ' to His Majesty D5

Cons: XQD Slots

Opinion: I bought this car and I can only lavish myself in praise! I read all the reviews and I beg to aggregate, doing some evaluation: pretend to shoot with a sensor 46mpx as if it were a sensor 21 (or 12 of a Sony a7s) is really unacceptable. There are different models with sensors designed to the need of high ISO. I still tried the 6400 and the result was broadly centered with a grain almost nulla...il my usual range goes from 64 to maximum 800, so for the use I have to do, I can feel happily satisfied. The touch screen is interesting. The inclination is a godsend for landscapes. I could write a whole poem about every single detail or feature of this camera but I would like to conclude with the thing that personally bothers me, the only drawback of an otherwise perfect car: the infamous XQD slot. Why have it? There are 300mb/s SD that would work in the same way as XQD. Not! An SD slot and an xqd, forcing the photographer to obtain an additional card and an additional adapter (with sincerely exorbitant figures) for the transfer to the PC in a fast way. But guess who uses (and produces) These blessed cards? The Sony! Whether it's the price you pay to use their sensors? :)

sent on July 07, 2018

Pros: Shutter speed, made in low light conditions

Cons: Price, card flap, overhead display, P/A/S/M cumbersome, disappointing high light output

Opinion: I own it for a month, and I made about 5000 shots on a trip to Central Europe where I brought it along with my d700. This so it's just a first summary judgement. D700 and D850 are substantially similar in size and weight, but the d700 is much better in practical use: quickly extracting the D850 from the bag, opens the card door, or grabs the tilting display by lifting it from below with a risk of Rupture of the same. I do mostly portraits and landscape, and I frequently use the aperture priority: in the D700 it is easier and faster to change the settings P/A/S/M, which in the D850 was unexpectedly moved to the left, forcing to slow down the shooting With a more cumbersome operation. On the level of image quality, the higher resolution of the D850 I am relatively indifferent (not mold giant but I reach the maximum at the A2 with my Canon Pro-1000). I purchased the D850 for its dynamically decanted range, but-frankly-at the time I have not found substantial differences with the old D700, which even holds better the highlights, which on equal targets (typically use Zeiss or Nikkor Pro) I found Often burned in the shots of the D850. Instead the D850 responds better than the D700 in low light conditions: it is a pleasure to use it in the evening hours. The white balance adjustments are very complete in the D850 (however they are also sufficient in the D700). I do not enter into the merits of all the various Ammenicoli and gadgets (including video) that I do not use. In Conclusion: It is a good machine, but basically overrated: compared to the D700 it doesn't seem really past ten years.

sent on May 17, 2018

Pros: All

Cons: Need a suitable PC or Mac

Opinion: A really exceptional machine, in every point of view, it holds at very high ISO and in bad light conditions, shooting speed obviously lower than the D5 but in any case it is a kind of gun, it becomes even more with the battery grip and the Corrected to it dedicated. Particularity to try absolutely is the ability of the focus staking in the car. Another useful thing is the ability to reduce the "heaviness" of the file. Perhaps the only drawback not of the stain but of a good part of its buyers, is the fact that it serves a good computer and a nice graphics card to hold the images that this jewel churns out.

sent on April 15, 2018

Pros: 99

Cons: 1 lack integrated flash

Opinion: White balance – Here the difference is remarkable compared to the D810, indoors without flash white walls remain offline and outside the colors are more natural shooting the same picture with both in shadow areas the difference is remarkable, even the colors are less dominant, about the form of the D5 Autofocus, here too there is a nice improvement as both speed and af points 153 and 99 to cross, also a-4EV to f8 15 points instead of 1-possibility to regulate on camera AF speed Resolutions 45 MPX-26 MPX-15 MPX-1.2 x 1.5 x magnification possible pictures or Joystick dedicated x quick shift Af point. From 1 to 300 shots camera focus on staking a boon for macro but also for example in landscapes landscapes-x can do focus 4 shots at f8 and staking composed have to fire all photos without having to use the aperture at f22 degrading the image not least tilting touch monitor with double-resolution optical viewfinder the best ever seen-possibility Af auto calibration targets-video stabilization but only with Nikon lenses Focus peaking sufoto and full hd video and video from 25 to 120 frames/sec-4 k Video does not clip to-illuminated Buttons in MOV and MP4 formats so comfortable at night-lit Sensor-improved auto iso adjustment Handle different Possibilities between natural light and flash-flash control Wireless radio x-WiFi and Bluetooth Sin the lack built-in flash that can be useful in certain situations then there are other new things on the menu that I still have to study the machine does not make the photographer I know but certainly helps even a first-timer like me. Vote well. Surely 10 is the minimum

sent on April 11, 2018

Pros: Accurate construction, exceptional sight, versatility

Cons: Requires optics pro, but it's obvious in these resolutions

Opinion: I sacrificed one of my two Df, having decided to resume printing in large format. In the past I had the D810, but I preferred to make the jump to the new model that has replaced it, rather than resume it used, although much more expensive. Compared to 810 were made many steps forward. This has incredible versatility and can be used D850 profitably in the most varied photographic genres, always with notable achievements. The viewfinder is sensational and, at least for me, is alone a plus essential (I can't stand the vision offered by the electronic viewfinders). I will not dwell on other improvements, of which much has been said already. A great camera! Update: Nikon with D850 introduced the ability to resample down raw files. In practice, the user can choose whether to get photos with the long side of Pixels 8256 (native resolution), 6192 and 4128 (resampling in car). This faculty of resample down is ensured even when you opt for a crop with a factor of 1.2 or 1.5, or you choose the different ratio of 5:4 or 1:1. Actually have been cast much doubt on the quality of ricampionamenti in question entrusted to an algorithm of which little is known, except that the color depth drops from 14 to 12 bits. I wanted to do a test, taking 5 different images in raw both 8256 Pixels that 6192 Pixels, resampling with PS (Bicubic Sharper "algorithm) the largest file in order to bring it back to the same size as the other (i.e. 6192 Pixels). In all 5 shots I detected the same characteristics, namely: 1) in both files the noise decreases, but very similar 2) there is no tonal variations, exposure, contrast, or else 3) the sharpness of files resampled with ADOBE has always been better algorithm 4) even applying to files resampled by car (and only those) an unsharp mask, the sharpness of images resampled with PS remains better. In conclusion, although in some situations it may be useful to have a file lighter, I think should give up this opportunity and resample with PS, rather than by car. Unless you need the utmost clarity. At least that's the belief that I made based on the 5 test shots I did.

sent on March 29, 2018

Pros: Resolution, improved ergonomics, backlit sensor, snapbridge deo gratia!)


Opinion: Hello everyone! RnFrom the legendary Nikon D810 this nikon represents a real revolution in Nikon house combining technological innovations with the historical reliability Nikon that has always distinguished it in the SLR world !!! rnSensor sensor that combined with the 300mm f2.8 that I own returns vivid photos that communicate, the colors are so alive as to bring you in the photograph! rnThe snapbridge is a technology that should have all the Nikon! rnBut in spectacular fire nn never misses a shot !!! rnStraordinary reflex <3

sent on March 11, 2018

Pros: it's like having 2 SLR bodies in one

Cons: nobody

Opinion: all pro ... many complain of high iso .... but what we claim is that an almost 46 megapixel has the same noise of one that has half? the comparison must be done by reducing the image size to par ... is what I did before selling the D4s for this ... same noise, so I made the change immediately and feel I have earned and not a little ... what else to say? Well I feel a little lack of puncture shutter vertical auxiliary and the burst ... but they are ineziernp.s: I read of the concern for files too big to handle ... that it takes a mac pro? but let alone ... new processor 32 gb of ram ssd superfast and the game is done

sent on March 11, 2018

Pros: Pro body, controls, ergonomics, responsiveness, range, versatility improved compared to D810

Cons: Still nothing to declare

Opinion: Hello everyone, before exposing my humble opinion I must immediately anticipate that I do not use the cameras for video, so all the features related to this use I will not take into Account. To be honest I'm not even a fan of touch displays, sensors padded with megapixels and focus modules from "millemila dots", as I click 99% of the Times to single point.... That said, I started to test my D850 comparing it to the excellent D810 (possessed until Recently) and the D750 (still in my possession), in an attempt to justify the monkey that made me commute the previous model for This. The body from, right away, a feeling of greater robustness and quality than the D810, and a feeling of reliability that I can not express in words, but that is a constant going around with a lens type the Nikon 24-70, which scales perfectly. In this regard I was a little ' worried about the speech micromosso, having the version of this lens without VR, but I must say that for the moment is going to be all right. The machine is fast, responsive, and the autofocus seems perceptibly faster and more accurate, but they are not aspects that make me scream at the Miracle. The new layout of some keys has been an appreciable choice, especially on the ISO button which now has a more "natural" positioning in my Opinion. Very useful the backlight of the buttons, while the folding display adds the comfort that often made me prefer the D750 to D810 on certain types of use. and quality? I will not ingarellarmi on the speech noise, weight of files, and comparisons with other BRANDS. The files weigh over 100 MB (NEF without compression), the noise is seen at 3200 ISO but the grain is tiny and the images seem less corrupt by the algorithms of NR (compared to D810) and therefore more recoverable from the various software denoising in pp. With all those megapixels the real miracle does the expeed 5, because if they had maintained a lower density maybe the results would be really exciting, but so much is useless to be here to talk about it.. I would say that the overall quality is that of D810, but with even larger images and a body equipped with the latest technological frills (wi-fi, bluetooth, touch display tilting, improved burst, etc.) and this brings us back to the speech of the Monkey. The answer to the question "was I right to commute the D810?" which I gave myself is this: as image quality has not changed almost anything, but the machine is less specialized and more usable at 360 °. I recommend a computer with 16 GB of RAM if you use Photoshop for post Production. 32 GB If you make wide use of filters, HDR or heavy manipulation of the RAW. The type of platform is indifferent, as long as there is a capacente and fast Drive. I reserve in the coming months to add or change this my opinion... We'il See. Good light at all!

sent on February 06, 2018

Pros: Electronic shutter, touchscreen tilting, autofocus, viewfinder, focus peaking, burst, ergonomics and more

Cons: Nobody

Opinion: I come from a D810, and for me, the D850 has everything that was missing the previous model.rnSensore fantastic (but it was already with the D810), excellent noise management considering the increase in megapixels, very manageable up to 6400 iso. rnPersonally hardly go beyond 1600, so that's fine, fast and precise AF, improved burst, touch screen very useful and responsive, focus peaking and many other things that were missing at the D810. Even ergonomics have improved a lot, I really appreciated the displacement of the iso button, much more functional where it is now.rnThe first time I looked through the viewfinder, wow, a whole other story, what else, excellent battery life , wi-fi, bluetooth, beautiful touchscreen tilting, focus stacking, improved timelaps, excellent lens calibration system, xqd and many other little things yet to be discovered.rnAs I wrote at the beginning, there is all that there it was good in the D810, plus so many other things, that make itta D850, a SLR suitable for any type of photo.rnUne negative note, the video section still to be improved, but not using it, I do not weigh.

sent on February 02, 2018

Pros: resolution, touch-tilting monitor, focus peaking, electronic shutter

Cons: do not have it

Opinion: I make a proper premise, making a very specialized use my opinion can not be shared: I come from nikon d750 and I only practice landscape photography, always on an easel, thinking of large-format prints for the best shots.rnThe other types of photography I do not care, therefore, Af, number of shots per second, high ISO, video, etc. ... things are irrelevant to me.rnrnBut this, for me is the top that can be claimed for a landscaper.rnSensor that needs to be used consequence (stable stand, good optics, silent shutter with electronic shutter), returns images with impressive details.rnTilting monitor with Af touch, peaking exceptional focus with manual optics.rnExaggerated optical lens! rnrnNot can recommend it, vote 10 and praise!

sent on February 02, 2018

Pros: Burst, enhanced autofocus, tilting / touch screen, high-ISO color retention, crop extraction

Cons: Nobody

Opinion: It is the Ferrari of modern SLRs ... and as such it must be used with performance tires .... sigma art..zeiss..nikkor: 28mm f1.4 ... 105mm f1.4..70-200 f2.8 fl ..300mm pf..tele of the latest generation.rnPhotograph with optics diaphragms between f1.4 and f1.8 to ISO 64 is a lust ..... pure poetry .rnThe noise that generates more than the d810 (let's make clear ... a hair more due to 10 megapixels and the sensor that does not pulp the image at high ISO while maintaining acceptable colors) is well manageable with software type photo lab dxornUsing the batterypack with the battery of the d5 you greatly enhance the autofocus .rnThank you Nikon for marketing the d850..rnOn the competition you have to buy two cameras to have its characteristics .rnrnrn

sent on February 01, 2018

Pros: Body, XQD Cards, Resolution, Burst (with integrated grip), dynamic range, AF, Tilting Monitor

Cons: Heaviness of files, NOISE, cost

Opinion: I made about 2000 shots, a few on the whole to judge I reserve the right to add this review later. From what I've seen is an enhanced D810 although I think it has more noise (obvious with an increase in MPX) I over 3200 ISO I find it hard to bring it for my taste. The AF hooks well, but it is not like the D5. I was in Poland to photograph the eagles and I joined the same optical 400 2.8 and the docking of the D5 is really instantaneous. The gust of 9fps with grip and battery of the D5 is excellent everything is done. Good crop DX in the room you still have 24mpx usable for other crop. The price is very high, then the grip is really exaggerated, not to mention that to insert the battery of the D5 must buy another accessory (40 € on amazon) otherwise it is not usable. With what you pay could have included in the package .... Finally the monitor tilt and touch! For now I can say that I'm almost a little sorry to have sold the D810 for this, which had not happened when I sold the D800for the D810. I reserve the right to update this review later.

sent on February 01, 2018

Pros: Resolution

Cons: noise, very heavy files

Opinion: I got to do about 2000 shots with this machine and I must say that I did not understand it: why to get the sensor of so many megapixels virtually useless unless you want to make mega posters, to have much more noise than less sensors crowded and forced to buy top targets for not having modest results. Who is this machine for? Certainly not to studio professionals who use the nedia format, or certainly to those who report and needs immediacy and lightness, nor to art photographers who see themselves subtract the classic 1600 iso to which this Nikon goes into crisis . It is aimed at amateur photographers or professions before the digital age, impressed by megapixels and eager for the "mac book" thinking that it is faster than ever. This consumerist illiteracy in terms of computer science is a revelation of the average purchaser of this 850 that beyond some specialized sectors, has everything to envy to 810.

sent on January 21, 2018

Pros: Body, controls, adjustable display and touch, burst

Cons: I sold a kidney to get it :-)

Opinion: It was the car I was expecting.rnI had Nikon d810, Nikon d750 of the first I liked the robust body, the quality of the files, the positioning keys .. Of the second I liked the speed, and the tilting display that in the tripod shots taken from the bottom was fantastic.rnBe here I found all these things in one body, even in the previous machines the Iso button I set it for convenience in the red rec button in the upper right corner, on the 850 the ISO button was put right there !! So it's a fantastic car for me.

sent on January 20, 2018

Pros: Good Gust, Exceptional Buffer, Excellent AF, Robust Body, File Quality

Cons: Body price, exorbitant price for the Battery Pack kit and related accessories, tilting screen I would have done without.

Opinion: After having owned D800 and D810 (the latter I love the other) I think it is the machine that can satisfy a wide circle of users, from pure passionate with experience to the professional. The refinement of AF and Raffle make it suitable also to ' dynamic / sporting use.rnThe duration of the original battery immediately appears more long-lived than previous versions.rnThe ergonomics is excellent even in the absence of the very expensive BP.

sent on January 15, 2018

Pros: Balancing and exceptional ergonomics

Cons: I have not found it for now

Opinion: It's the car I missed; color and dynamic range that surprises. With great resolution and excellent Autofocus.La Nikon has produced in the last year 3 specimens that have no comparison with the competition: D5-D500 and D850.Very good the tilting monitor and touch screen.rnI joined the D 500 because apart from the difference in format, in my opinion, together are completed in all fields.

sent on December 30, 2017

Pros: Resolution, high holding iso exceptional for my taste, precise and fast autofocus, possibility of countless customizations, touch monitor very comfortable and functional, white balance even in very reliable cars, bluetooth and wifi very comfortable even in social media, if used in jpg for less demanding photos, the files are ready without the need for complicated adjustments, dynamic range to sell, the recovery of the shadows is surprising. The live view works very well and it is very comfortable the silent shooting in delicate circumstances, perfect ergonomics weight ratio. The viewfinder is a show. Very good and reactive even in the videos whose quality is very high, as some detractors say. According to me the ideal machine, the most complete and performing I have ever owned.

Cons: I can not find fault with a car!

Opinion: It is the most advanced and most performing machine of the wide photographic market, I say this with full knowledge of the facts, having owned everything from the flagships to entry level. For me, the optical viewfinder is priceless, I would not change it with a mirrorless. In my opinion, Nikon managed to get the perfect car out

sent on December 27, 2017

Pros: Resolution (depends), touch monitor, backlit controls, good AF, all-round machine, fully electronic shooting, Focus Stacking (for those who use it on macros and more)

Cons: Noise (ISO), lack of AF light, file space (but with 45 Mpx is inevitable).

Opinion: 45 Mpx are many, and if on the one hand they are an advantage, on the other they are a "sword of Damocles". If you have high resolution optics for ex. sigma series Art, Zeiss or Nikon the latest, the first that come to mind, then the 45 Mpx are really a thing that gives satisfaction. If you have "soft" optics and you are not going to spend on more resolute optics, I highly recommend to try it and bring home a little 'shots and evaluate yourself because the price is not "easy", € 3790 Nital are not a joke .rnThe touch monitor is good and right, speeds up many steps and you are not forced to always use two hands on the buttons. Backlit commands are good depends on how you use it and for what.rnAF good but not very good in my opinion, the 45 Mpx you remember it every time you go to 1: 1 with the magnification, those -4EV I do not know ... anyway he is not joking. The fully electronic shot in Live View is a godsend if you're in the theater and with every shot you make no noise. rnThe Focus Stackingo "Shooting with change of focus", as the menu of the machine, is something that helps a lot especially in the execution (time) and combined with silent photography becomes a very interesting thing for the vibrations. To honor the true, changing the focus at such close intervals also changes the perspective, but in macro not pushed with a little 'evidence joins the photos with the appropriate software and you reach compromises much more than acceptable.rnI look for the absence of noise or at least the minimum possible (ALTI ISO), the D850 is NOT the car that suits you, even if the sensor is a BSI with the circuits under / behind the photodiodes, the noise is and in my opinion it is not little. But with 45 Mpx it was completely predictable. The AF auxiliary light will not be very PRO but surely in many situations it helps and its lack I feel it and not a little. The car also eats a lot of space in MByte for photos, at full resolution Raw (L) 14-bit with a lossless compression, Miss siuccia an average of 53/54/55 Mbyte to photo (obvious depends on photos and photos but is a fairly reliable media). It goes without saying that twenty pictures are 1 Gbyte and broken, so if you shoot in Raw and you like to press the shutter as there was no tomorrow :) it is better to equip yourself on merit.rnRecommended Pc with SSD and a nice some space to store photos. In short, if one buys a Ferrari and then begging to change the brake pads, perhaps it is better to buy another XD.rnA personal opinion, the transition to this car should or should be motivated by the latest things introduced in this model, obvious that one who has the money, if he buys it, is good for a lady car. But if one only looks for the final result, ie the photo with a high resolution and not all the operations before the shot, in which this machine can help in various aspects to speed up the whole process, I think the D810 has nothing very little to envy to the D850. I say D810 but to say D800 is almost the samesa cosa.rnA beautiful photo / good photographer makes it, and before the car there is a glass that if it is not good, the machine can not do anything about it. It will be obvious but sometimes falls into oblivion ...

sent on December 15, 2017

Pros: ergonomics, resolution, sensor

Cons: price (trivial but real); lack of built-in flash

Opinion: replaces a D800 and the difference is heard; the fact that this difference is proportional to the increase in costs becomes a very personal matter. On landscapes it has a very high quality: we approach the medium format if used with quality objectives; a small built-in flash would have been useful to lighten the shadows in broad daylight when necessary, as it is excessive to mount a flash true for this on all occasions shooting. you take good and some new utilities (wider maf) can be very useful

sent on December 13, 2017

Pros: Construction (finally without the plasticone flash), Ergonomics, Technological, Af, wi-fi, display, sensor (46mpx, dynamics, colors)

Cons: Sensor (ISO), price, not the transition from its ancestors

Opinion: Proven. What can I say, beautiful machine but from the use according to me very limited. Already at 1000 ISO much, too much noise with an obvious flattening of the image. For the rest is undoubtedly the TOP (also in the price), construction and ergonomics perfect, af lightning and precise, wifi, display. A 64-100 ISO has an incredible resolution, especially when used with worthy objectives, such as the Art and a dynamic range and depth of impressive colors. In my opinion it's the new d3x, fantastic but not eclectic. I definitely do not recommend switching from d800 / d800E / d810 / d810A, it's not worth it.

sent on October 22, 2017




sent on October 12, 2017

Pros: High performance

Cons: Price, lack of small Flash, Iso Tall

Opinion: The D850 has a fantastic ergonomics seems to weigh less than it really weighs, it's very balanced and fast. Working with Nikon and Canon I expected more on the high-pitched hold, but with 45 MPs I was expecting it. Great detail and colors. High ISO and grain chromatic aberration are unpleasant compared to Canon or Leica equivalent. The fire with little light makes a little effort to center the subject. We always talk about limits. The presence of the second accommodation XQD a card produced only by Sony ... I do not find it a good solution for those who like me should always have a backup in case of card problems. For the rest it's a great car and I found great body-balance balancing. The machine remains motionless even using a 500mm to 1/125. It's great also the silenced shot that finally allows you to shoot in the theater and in concerts of classical music and street photografy without disturbing or attracting attention.

sent on October 05, 2017

Pros: All

Cons: Equip yourself with a computer to manage the files that churns out the 850. But we knew and only for those who work there and make a lot of shots for us humans is fine even a normal computer so much of time we have. But the next purchase Mac book pro.

Opinion: Fear machine goes that is a marvel. The only drawback if coupled with snapbridge does not make me download the photos to an original format as it does with d500, but I found a system converting the nef in the camera. I hope nikon will update the firmware and solve this problem, even if it is not essential. Other problems for now I do not find the test I am satisfying in full also as a balance the body is very manageable you can keep it all day without getting tired. At high ISO there is a lot of detail and the tumor starts to look at ISO 6400. . The dynamic range is superb. Fast autofocus is only in extreme situations does not seem impeccable. And then there's the focus stacking, the peaking, the silenced shot, the digitization of the negatives, the touch screen also to scroll through the menu not just for photos as on d500. Super sharp viewfinder commands in the right place and ease of use, the fantastic menu, the ability to convert the nef in the room and other adjustments. Not to mention the videos, of theshutter speed etc. In short, fantastic car recommended for all fields of photography, the price is worth it all. NIKON SUPERLATIVE. rnrnrnrn

sent on September 13, 2017

Pros: Pro!

Cons: Weight, no autofocus illuminator, no video 4K 60fps ("only" 30), the price is appropriate to the value of the item

Opinion: How do you not give 10 such a tool? Probably there is some infiltrated canonist;) It is the perfect machine for panoramas, sports, weddings, still-life ... in short for all fields of application, without compromising on any aspect. Back-focusing, silent shooting with the first electronic pull, the focus stack, the ability to resume "in-car" timelapse movies are absolute beings, not counting the crystal definition it provides. We expect to see the tests on noise, color depth and dynamical range of dxomark, but the first shots promise very well. Originally from the D5 the autofocus system, the D750 is the tilting monitor (which in addition is touch-screen as in the D500), so finally Nikon pours all of its best technology into one machine body and at a whole price not as high as you could wait. If you will be free of youth problems I will do well to buy it!


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