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Pentax KP : Specifications and Opinions


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sent on April 08, 2019

Pros: The file quality at high ISO, the workability of files in postproduction especially with regard to light and shadow recovery.

Cons: The menu, the orientable screen, the Live View function, usability in general.

Opinion: I'm a negotia and I've been coming from Fujifilm for three years (X-T1 and X-T2); I enjoy taking mostly people on the street or in any case I shoot mainly photos where the person, as a main or secondary subject, should never miss. My judgment is influenced by an instinctive comparison between the two brands and a general incompinence in the field of photography. I've also owned this machine for about a month, which means I'm going to integrate my observations as I have something relevant to report. The following are the very first impressions on KP. Personally and at least for now, I think the usability of this reflex is more complex and laborious than I felt when I used mirrorless. The menu is too articulate, several functions are redundant and several others do not change the quality of the files (in Fuji instead, at least small diffrenze I always noticed). KP washers don't make usability easier. The orientable screen does not return as sharp and bright images as in Fuji and, compared to this, is not even suitable for "uncomfortable" photography or from alternative points of view. The Live View feature, at least as far as I'm concerned, is a drama. Whereas in Fujifilm this option not only did not give the feeling of general slowdown of the machine, but allowed both screen and viewfinder to have "the wrist" of the image that would be taken with the parameters set, in the KP happens exactly otherwise. In the Pentax to get an immediate feedback on the photo of the parameters set (extremely useful activity for us amateurs), there is no electronic viewfinder, you have to select that function and look on the screen, but put into account an unpleasant (and real) feeling of "impact" and slowing down the digital. It is a function that I do not have the pleasure of using, in short, and this I do not think is a positive factor if this judgment is shared with other KP owners. Where Pentax not only regains credibility, but dominates Fujifilm (I can't say the same for other brands, but the context may not be different) is the workability of the files and their recovery. It seems that Lightroom enjoys working those files and knows how to pull out everything that is hidden inside without appreciable alterations. For now I have accidentally taken some photos up to 12800 ISO: vivid resurrected lights and total absence of distortions that made Fuji's files hate in the light and shadow recovery. The Luminance slider barely touches, but with photos up to 6400 it may not be touched at all. I do not enter any votes because I do not yet have objective elements to judge the machine as a whole, always from beginner level of course; in a few months I will. For now I can say that switching from a mirrorless to a reflex, the differences seem important to me. At least for now I do not regret this passage, in reference to the type of photography I like to do, although I regret the usability of Fujifilm.

sent on January 23, 2019

Pros: Almost everything

Cons: What is the point of the K3?

Opinion: Without prejudice to the excellent quality and definition of the images that gives a twist even to full format, I do not understand this type of operation, since compared to the K3 second series there is only the viewer partially orientable and few other differences that However they could have been easily studied on the K3, without those evolutions on the video side that perhaps were expected. In short, as for Nikon with the D3500 (however, a toy compared to Kp) it is a facelift, while the quality of the sensor and the computer hardware that accompanies it, would perhaps have deserved much more, for example the transformation of the machine into a Mirrorless (technically it is quite simple, not to say trivial, even if it is presented by the builders as a revolutionary thing to increase prices). She would have been the absolute best in her segment.

sent on August 21, 2018

Pros: Build quality, compactness, ability to choose the handle, dynamic range (characteristic of the Sony sensors that equip the Pentax and that in this case seems to me further improved), ergonomics.

Cons: Battery life: The shots declared possible are 400 but I have big doubts... better to have a spare; The command for the LV is not a convenient button like on the other Pentax but a collar (quite uncomfortable) coaxial to the upper secondary ring; The display is orientable but not laterally (as on the K70 for instance).

Opinion: The first thing I have to say for this Pentax is the incredible feeling that can transmit me, fruit in most of the excellent appeal or ergonomics that you want, due to many factors: the compactness (I do not have particularly large hands so For me it is a merit and not a flaw) characteristic of the Pentax still from the time of film, the possibility (clever!) to be able to choose the handle: Three are supplied, I put the deepest (particular important: once you close the Screw Stationary, it is very strong and makes a unique body with the machine), this, combined with the generous rear prominence behind which goes to settle the thumb, gives the machine a "grip" that I have never encountered, even with the other Pentax. The weight is adequate to the characteristics of the machine. The shot, though audible, seems to me the most silent among those of the other Pentax in my possession; The speed of MAF, I work almost uniquely one shot, for my needs is much more than enough and I did not have to make the fine adjustment on any lens; On the noise I can not say much: I set 6400 maximum ISO, I do not go further, and to this sensitivity no problem. Adequate performance of the small built-in flash and excellent HDR in the car, which provides natural and balanced shots; The colors rendered by the sensor are vivid and brilliant, characteristic that I particularly appreciate. Last "Surprise", the price: at the exit, the KP cost 1300 euros, a price almost out of market; Now in the store, thanks to cash back fowa at the cashier, I paid 950 euros, price that I think is adequate to the characteristics of the machine. What about, in conclusion? Another excellent realization Ricoh/Pentax that seems to demonstrate a vitality and a willingness to remain on the market far from the nefarious prophecies of those who periodically predict the disappearance!

sent on April 06, 2018

Pros: Very

Cons: little

Opinion: I sold the K5II for the kp and I think I did well. I do not want to talk about the quality of the files, the sensor or anything else that is all easily available on various sites where they write much more competent people. I limit myself to describing the remarkable improvements that the pentax has introduced. From the bracketing side have been inserted both for the depth of field (the camera takes 3 photos at different openings so you can choose the most suitable) and the shutter speed ( they are always 3 frames with different times to get the best blur effect). Autofocus seems to have improved especially in the live view function where the tracking function of the subject seems to work well (provided you do not move the machine too quickly because you can lose it), the focus points have gone from 11 to 27 but according to me they cover the scene a little, only within the rectangle of the MF frame. The shutter speed with the electronic shutter reaches 1/24000 sec but con steps a little wide (1/8000, 1/12000, 1/16000, 1/24000) rnThere are then 3 dials, 2 classic SLR and one that performs the variations that can be set by a further wheel near the button shooting with different possibilities. The wifi function is then welcome, you can set from the phone all the parameters that we are interested in changing leaving the KP on a tripod, even the ability to touch the phone screen at a desired point and the machine does the autofocus and shoot (certainly not as immediate as with the shutter button). The screen is finally adjustable, as I like it in line with the machine. For me a flaw is that there is no possibility to use the remote control that I used on the small and light K5 certainly more practical than a phone, but you can use one with the wire that fits into the microphone (bought on the net one Chinese from € 11 that works well) rnVisto that the battery is declared for about 400 shots (definitely less than the K5) I took for 20euro Patona battery and in the package there is also the cable to recharge from the car cigarette lighter (can be useful). The HDR function that was unusable in K5 has now been significantly improved. There are 5 shooting possibilities, but in my opinion that called ADV turns out to be the most balanced, and you can vary the scissor from 1a2a3 EV of difference between the shots that then the KP processes. The results with the dedicated programs are much better but for those who want to approach this type of processing to begin is more than satisfenternIn conclusion I think a good product for the price you can hardly find better (tropicalized and stabilized sensor) Greetings to all rnPiero

sent on January 12, 2018

Pros: quality of RAW, well built, customization options, numerous ring nuts, both mechanical and electronic shutter with speed up to 1/24000

Cons: AF, recognition only in Live View and rather mediocre

Opinion: If you agree to live with the lack of AF points and their limited viewfinder coverage, I believe that there is no better APS-C camera on the market right now, the limits of the AF are obviously due to the obssoleta or unreliable technology of too many optics of the system, but it must also be said that no other brand offers such a vast catalog of native APS-C optics (and of very high optical quality such as those of the "limited" series). The most recent combined sensor / processor Pentax does wonders: churning out files that qualitatively have little to envy those of the 6D, and I speak of ISO 12800, both in the printing phase and "zooming" on screen. Extreme manageability, ring nuts and buttons at will and highly customizable. The 3 interchangeable handles make it possible to make the machine compact or more suitable for heavy telephoto lenses, depending on the occasion. The battery lasts - as always - more than testify, but in any case have a spare pair costs 20 euro%28Patona highly recommended) and occupies a ridiculous space in your pocket or bag, of course - it's a Pentax, not a Fuji :-) - the battery compartment is accessible even when the slide of the tripod is mounted. The lever is very convenient and well positioned to move from viewfinder to Live View and - for those who use it - video. Then Pentax as always wins in the details, for example in the possibility of having the files saved in numbered folders with the shooting date. And what about the 5 memories of settings that can be recalled from the ring? The KP is a camera of great personality - and as such does not appeal to everyone, especially to a traditionalist such as Pentax perhaps - combined with a constructive and photographic quality well beyond its price range - AF apart, as already said.

sent on December 10, 2017

Pros: All

Cons: For now nothing.

Opinion: What can I say, KP is fantastic. You have to see it live and take it in your hand because it does not make it from the pictures on the web. I have not tried it very much so this review is indicative of what little I could see. rnThe sensor looks great both at low and high ISO. The 3200 iso images are clean and bright colors. I will do a higher ISO test later. The photos for now I have done only with the 18 135 that I consider fantastic, built well to yield excellent considering its price range. (The evaluation of photozone does not make it justice, bo I do not know what copy they have tested) .rnManca the upper display that serves no purpose on such a machine. I have all the customizable commands at your fingertips. Two rings that I use (for example in aperture mode) front for exposure compensation, back to open and close the diaphragm and then I have the upper ring that in combination of the dial functions on the right, where I have programmed the exposure mode ( Matrix, spot and weighted in the middle). Better yet, imposed the modor M and use the green button to immediately find the correct exposure, the front ring for shutter speed, the rear aperture ring and the top ring for ISO (three dials to adjust the basic parameters of a camera) . The screen is complete with everything and works at its best. Determined and with excellent colors. Honestly I do not know what to do with the higher one! RnThe autofocus is accurate even if you say around that Pentax is inferior. It will not have all those points of focus that have other machines but it is anything but poor. I put the handle L because it offers a perfect grip to those with big hands and I must say that ergonomics certainly does not regret the classic of other models. rnThe battery does not last as in other SLR cameras but it is not a big problem for those who do not make hundreds and hundreds of photos at each exit. For example, the other day in an afternoon when I did not have a hundred photos I came home with a full battery. And then chi does not carry a spare battery? There are good ones on the market, with a yield similar to the original at prices that are more than good. However I repeat the duration is not comparable to the others. A little higher than a mirrorless.rnNaturally fine adjustment is present even if the technical data sheet of Juza indicates no.rnI had so many cameras and mirrorless, this kp has something more I do not know how to explain it will be the feeling that I have established right away or the security that transmits in everything starting from the constructive quality and impeccable tropicalization of which the Pentax are renowned.rnFor now I want to congratulate the Pentax.rnAuguri to all! rn


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